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September 20, 2011 / benwolfson08

Neymar says he’s staying put until 2012 Olympics

The 19-year old says he's staying at Brazilian club, Santos for now

The Internet exploded yesterday with reports that Real Madrid were close to reaching a transfer agreement with 19-year old Neymar who plays for Santos in Brazil.

The Brazilian striker held a press conference to address rumors that he was leaving Santos.

“It has already been decided,” he said at a news conference. “I won’t leave Santos in the next transfer window, I will stay until the Olympics. I have not reached a deal with any club.

The 19-year old with the rooster haircut is seen as the future of Brazilian football. The once proud Brazilian national team used to be one of the most dangerous in the world with players such as Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Maicon, etc.

Those players are now in the twilight of their careers or have eaten their way of the sport such as Ronaldo did.

Searching “Neymar” yesterday on Twitter and it seemed that even many sports journalists thought the prodigy was close to agreeing with Real Madrid after supposedly taking a secret physical in a Spanish hospital.

Neymar squashed these rumors however, as he stated in his press conference.

“I’m tired of this,” Neymar said. “Every day I’m being sold to a different club. Today I’m saying once and for all that I’m not leaving Santos right now.”

I first watched Neymar this summer during the Copa America tournament. He’s easy to recognize with his flair, ridiculous haircut and lanky body out on the pitch. From what I say he underwhelmed for how much he is continuously hyped as “The Next Pele”. To be compared to arguably the greatest footballer ever is a lot to live up to for this young Brazilian.

Scanning Twitter today it seems that many journalists still believe Neymar will join Real Madrid, but not until after the 2012 Olympics. Expected arrival to La Liga is summer of 2012.

Neymar will definitely make an impact as soon as he sets foot on the pitch for whichever European team signs him.

Just watch this video, in the first part he crosses it to himself, runs across the pitch and scores a goal. Who else can do that?


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