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October 1, 2011 / benwolfson08

The North London Derby: Sunday 10 AM

In honor of tomorrow being the North London Derby — which refers to the game between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal — I have decided to blog about my trip to White Hart Lane, home of Spurs.

Arsenal and Tottenham are arch-enemies, and this is one of the biggest games of the year for us. Tottenham doesn’t play in the Champions League like the Gunners because they didn’t finish top-4 in the league last year.

While Arsenal is in a nice part of North London, Tottenham is in a sketchy part of town and the area around the stadium is questionable. Tottenham fans are very proud of their team, they hate Arsenal, despite being viewed as the ugly step-sister in the rivalry.

Even though I was walking into the enemy’s headquarters in Tottenham, I still thoroughly enjoyed my tour of White Hart Lane.

parking lot, looking out the clubhouse window during the tour

As they tour guide did on all four the stadiums I toured one of the first questions he asked was what teams everyone was fans of. Being an Arsenal fan, lets just say I didn’t raise my hand and blurt that out. One mom was there with her family and she was the only civilized one being an AFC fan, while the rest of her clan supported Spurs.

She was heckled by our guide, who was an ex-Spurs player.

On a serious note if anyone needs to know how real the hate/passion between the clubs is our guide told us we weren’t allowed to go in one of the clubhouse’s rooms because on a tour in the past an Arsenal fan had snuck in there and carved “AFC” with a penknife on a famous table.

The tour of White Hart Lane was actually a lot of fun and extremely interesting. The guide, an ex-player had a ton of hilarious stories about Tottenham.

Just like any other tour we saw the clubhouse, formal rooms, press room, and the pitch. Here are some of the pictures.

the entrance to White Hart Lane

Sitting front and center in the players seats.

the pitch

Spurs haven't won any trophies for a while just like Arsenal

My roommate, Nick, in Tottenham's lockerroom

A brief preview on Sunday’s match.


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