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October 19, 2011 / benwolfson08

Relegation debate

Queens Park Rangers is a team that was promoted this season and has enjoyed success in the Premier League

Controversy is being stirred up among the Premier League owners on the subject of relegation.

Basically the big issue is that foreign owners want to abolish the promotion and relegation system that happens in the Premier League.

What that means is that, “Under the current system, the three bottom clubs are relegated each season from the top flight to the second-tier Championship, while three clubs are promoted from the Championship to the Premier League.”


Of course the foreign owners don’t want to keep this system because it involves around one thing: cash money baby.

Richard Bevan, League Manager’s Association Chief Executive had this to say on the situation…

“If you look at sports all around the world and you look at sports owners trying to work out how to invest to make money, you will find that most of them like the idea of franchises,” Bevan said. “If you take particularly American owners, without doubt, there have been a number of them looking at having more of a franchise situation and that would mean no promotion or relegation.

“Obviously if I was an American owner and I owned a football club or I was an Indian owner I might be thinking I would like to see no promotion or relegation, my investment is going to be safer and my shares are going to go up in value.”

Now that’s understandable but at the end of the day I am a fan of the system and Michael Cox writes about the benefits of it.

My argument is that promotion and relegation actually makes teams have to try. I’m so sick of watching the NBA and NFL here in the States when teams that are bad won’t even try anymore. Instead they’ll intentionally tank games to try and end up with a higher draft pick. Words cannot describe how much this disgusts me and the system of the Premier League is one that has fascinated me ever since becoming a fan.

I understand why owners are concerned about their investment, but at the end of the day you see a better product on the field and in the Premier League with the current system of promotion and relegation. Besides if you get relegated that is more incentive to play harder, or make changes so you can come back to the Premier League.

Arsenal news

Belgian defender Thomas Vermaelen has signed a new contract at the club.

The centre-back is recovering my surgery on his ankle. Getty Images.

The 25-year olds contract was set to expire during summer of 2013. This is a positive sign for the club that it wants to keep its best players around instead of letting Manchester City buy all of them.

John Cross from the Mirror writes that Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger sees this new deal as the first of many. That is welcome news to Gunners fans who have to deal with new rumors of a £30 million heist of captain Robin van Persie this January from Man City, Real Madrid among others.

Theo Walcott could also be in line for a new contract, but the most important player is of course van Persie.

Arsenal Starting IX vs. Marseille

Arsenal face Marseille today at 1:45 pm in Champions League play.

The team that Wenger brought with him to France is: Szczesny, Fabianski, Jenkinson, Santos, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Djourou, Rosicky, Arteta, Song, Walcott, Gervinho, Benayoun, Coquelin, Arshavin, Ramsey, Van Persie, and Chamakh.

I’ll post my reactions after the match. Let’s go Gunners!


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