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November 1, 2011 / benwolfson08

TOPIC blog: Breaching or Building Social Boundaries

Computer Mediated Communication is addressed in this blog.

This blog is in response to the article, “Breaching or Building Social Boundaries” done by Tom Postmes, Russell Spears, Martin Lea.

Basically the article is brutally long and hard to comprehend, however the basic gist behind it is talking about computer mediated communication or CMC.

CMC has been known to break down social boundaries and to liberate individuals from social influence. Also when communicators share a common social identity, they are more susceptible to group influence, social attraction, stereotyping and such.


I can relate this in how I follow Arsenal.

Ever since I became a fan of the club over the summer, I’d say at least 1/3 if not more of the Twitter accounts I follow have something to do with soccer, are soccer journalists, Arsenal players, or Arsenal bloggers.

I like the online community of Twitter that Arsenal has. Some of my favorite accounts to follow are @FourFourTom, @samuelj29060, @JackWilshere, @Persie_Official, @johncrossmirror, @Frimpong26AFC.

Being an Arsenal fan, my view of the game is always influenced by the various bloggers and soccer Twitter accounts I follow and I am fine with that. I like being part of an online community and seeing all the reactions in my Twitter feed during the Chelsea game on Saturday in which Arsenal won 5-3.

It makes me connect more to the club as a fan and feel important, which I enjoy. Being in America there aren’t that many Arsenal fans that I know or hang out with, so an online community means that much more.




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